Stewart Smith

World Wide Web (WWW)

Works composed for, or directly relating to, my favorite medium: the World Wide Web. I was lucky enough to thank Sir Tim Berners-Lee for his invention in person at a 25th birthday party for the Web. There were countless pre-inventors before him, and infinitely more pioneers afterward, but Tim (and CERN) mark a special nexus in human history.
Monday, 02 October 2023
2023October02 Monday

Black Swan, three years on

This week makes three years since publishing my (unsolicited) browser-based music video for Thom Yorke’s 2006 track Black Swan. Rather than film footage, video, or pre-composed animation, my music “video” is composed of website elements pushed around in realtime as you watch it via a mixture of style sheet and JavaScript commands.

It was a fairly dark autumn in America, with the presidential election contest between democracy and fascism looming against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic which had so abruptly turned the country upside down half a year earlier. (Not to mention climate change; the hottest summer and autumn on record to date.) Revisiting this old animation idea was a pleasant break from the reality around us—and served as a birthday present of sorts for Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood who share my birth month of October; the best month. Read more about the Black Swan music video here , or visit and execute the animation here .