Stewart Smith

Tweed Magazine

Tweed was a music and politics “zine” created by, run by, and written by angsty teenagers.

As a snotty eighth grader Stewart Smith created a stream of conscious email newsletter titled Cyber-TURD (a quirky synonym for "online shit") that naively wandered somewhere betwixt punk rock and politics. After two years of rather embarrassing nonsensical rants the venture was nearing its conclusion. Sophomore year Stewart invited classmate Bill Wallace to partner up on a new printed iteration of Cyber-TURD and in the summer of 1997 the two publish_date the first issue of Tweed. For several years Tweed served as a forum for the two and their friends to publish their essays, short stories, comics, and interviews with local bands and mini-celebrities like Ed and Lorraine Warrens and Lisa DeHaven.

As Tweed matured in format from cut-and-paste photocopies to online journal the interviews became the zine's focal point. Highlights included discussions with Mates of State, Emily Haines of Metric, Denali / Bella Lea, Grandaddy, and Robb Nansel of Saddle Creek Records. In 2005 internal differences disrupted Tweed's productivity and by 2007, a full decade on from the first issue, it was clear Tweed had run its course. It was an edifying journey. Many thanks to all of our collaborators and foils throughout the years.