Stewart Smith
Racer Hero 1

Chrome Racer
mobile game

Racer is a browser-based multiplayer slot car game that draws its racetracks across multiple mobile device screens.

Line up your phones and tablets to create a race track across up to five screens. No apps. No downloads. Just start a race, sync up and tap your screens to rev your engines. Grab some friends and visit in your mobile browser to play now.

The concept, design, prototypes, and direction for Racer were developed by Google Creative Lab in New York. The mobile and desktop builds were crafted by the enormously talented Active Theory in LA. Swedish audio savants Plan8 created Racer’s sound effects and developed the dynamic soundtrack code alongside 14islands. Electronic disco legend Giorgio Moroder composed Racer’s theme. PA Consulting in London ensured the backend’s robustness and responsiveness. Learn more about The Making of Racer: