Stewart Smith
Go Deep

Go Deep

A manifesto for the serious use of stereoscopic techniques in contemporary film.

Go Deep begins with an abstract black-and-white representation of the famous Star Wars opening sequence: a Star Destroyer overtaking Senator Organa's vessel. A single TIE Fighter flies to the foreground as the instructions read PUT ON GLASSES. At this point the black-and-white images separate into cyan and red, creating the illusion of depth.

The manifesto goes on to emphasize that depth can be represented using flat shapes that exist on different planes, rather than simply representing depth in a poor cartoonish way using three dimensional shapes. It also declares that all two dimensional films / interfaces are worthless. All screen-based creations from hence forth must be stereoscopic.

At the time of development, early 2007, the idea of making serious films in stereoscopic form seemed a bit far fetched and so there was a particular humor to the piece. Today of course stereoscopic blockbuster films are so common as to be almost dull.