Stewart Smith
Stewart Smith on Digital Experience Hero 1

It’s Nice That—On Digital Experience

Design tastemakers It’s Nice That premiered the first of their new five-part “On...” series—this inaugural installment titled “On Digital Experience.” The three presenters selected to expound upon the subject of digital experiences were Ross Phillips, Daniel Brown, and myself.

According to It’s Nice That: Stewart Smith charmed us with four playful projects that illustrate the interrelationship between art, design, and coding—which he dubs the Bermuda Triangle. In contrast to Ross’ public scale work, Stewart said his work was primarily viewed in a domestic / private context, often as a solitary experience which blurred the boundary about what art is. He commented that digital work—and in fact all art—is only considered “art” when you present it that way, and use the right language to convince people. His explorations into digital artwork longevity were particularly fascinating, citing a project which merged hi-tech and lo-tech media and demonstrated 30 years of software compatibility between the iPad and an Apple //e, a device that is a million times slower than iPad.