Stewart Smith

UFO: The Rescue

Arcade-style video game programmed in QBasic by two bored suburban teens in the mid 1990s.

Rescue your fellow aliens from horrible scientific experiments at Area 51 by shooting down US fighter jets and abducting nearby humans in order to learn their weaknesses.

During the winter of 1996-97 two alien-obsessed high school sophomores (Seth Shain and Stewart Smith of Stewdio) conceived, sketched, and coded a BASIC arcade game demo. The objective of the demo level is to abduct as many humans as possible in order to discover their weaknesses and determine the location of Area 51's alien holding tanks where your alien comrades are being held captive. All the while avoiding and/or shooting down the US fighter jets determined to "erase" you and keep the alien conspiracy a secret.

The game prominently features FONT 4, a vector typeface developed by Stewdio for use in BASIC programs. The FONT 4 subroutine is capable of stretching and skewing fonts which can be expressed as continuous or dot-matrix style characters.