Stewart Smith

2010 Summer Playlist o' Nostalgia

Because there's really something to listening to the same songs over, and over, and over.

  1. Up the Down Escalator. The Chameleons.
  2. Like a Fool. Superchunk.
  3. Travel as I Wait. Tomas Halberstad.
  4. Lessons Learned. Matt & Kim.
  5. Milk It. Nirvana.
  6. Oh Messy Life. Cap'n Jazz.
  7. Two-Headed Boy. Neutral Milk Hotel.
  8. A Chicken with its Head Cut Off. The Magnetic Fields.
  9. NYC's Like a Graveyard. The Moldy Peaches.
  10. Tightrope. Yeasayer.
  11. Sleepless. The Decemberists.
  12. Running up that Hill. Kate Bush.
  13. Hounds of Love. Kate Bush.
  14. Time. David Bowie.
  15. All My Friends. LCD Soundsystem.